Does Cage Free Pet Boarding Really Make a Difference?

Absolutely. Traditional animal boarding usually consists of rows of dogs in cages, similar to a pound. Being caged can cause physiological and psychological distress in your pet. This scenario is usually full of whining or barking dogs, yearning to be out of their cage and receive attention, which increases the stress level of each of them. This is a stressful situation for a dog, just like being in a row of jail cells would be stressful for a human.

How Is Cageless Pet Boarding More Beneficial?

Its’ all about the stress or lack of! Cage free pet boarding is different because your pet enjoys the freedom he is used to having, and has a natural aversion for. When your pet is boarded, they benefit most from being in a homelike environment that’s cage free and filled with people and dogs to interact with and play with. This is a great social setting for your dog, especially when mom and dad have to be away. Dogs can have separation anxiety and being shoved away in a cage only makes them more sad and stressed. Think about how lonely you would be? A boarding atmosphere that isn’t like boarding at all is the best thing for them. It will keep them happy and comfortable until you return home.

Pet boarding at Villa La PAWS is a stress-free slumber party! It’s just like staying the night at a friend’s house full of activities and buddies to enjoy, not like pet boarding at all. They’ll be part of group activities, be able to lounge around with their pals and will sleep wherever they like, but it won’t be in a cage. We have several sleeping options for them to choose from that includes couches (unless they’re not allowed on the couch by mom and dad), doggy beds, sling-type beds, or a cool tile floor if they prefer. If they need a big crate because that’s where they’re most comfortable, or even a separate room, we can accommodate that as well. And to make sure mom and dad are comfortable, we have round-the-clock live webcams so that you can check in on your pup and see how they’re doing.

Most of our dogs aren’t trying to run out the door and get out of here when mom and dad come back, they had such a blast that while of course we know they want to go back to their family, they show signs of being just as content to stay longer if they needed to. Many of our dog parents even decide to bring them back for daycare once in a while just because they saw their baby having such a good time on webcam and noticed better social behaviors at home.

Next time you need to board your furry friend, bring them to Villa La PAWS cage free pet resort where they’ll romp and play, have a comfortable overnight sleeping experience, and be right at home!

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