Do You Need Help With Your Doggy?

Just like raising two legged kids, raising four legged kids is requires a lot of time, patience, dedication, attention and love. Sometimes we need a little extra help with our dogs and that’s okay! It takes a village! With children, sometimes parents need a babysitter during the day or even overnight and it’s no different with our furry babies. Mom and dad may need someone to watch Fido during the day, or simply want to give him some extra play and socialization. So how can you accomplish this? Animal daycare!

What Is Pet Daycare?

Dog daycare is very similar to daycare for children. You can drop you’re your doggy off for the day and they’ll have time to socialize and play, be part of group activities, and gets lots of love from other dogs and from people. It’s a great way for them to get their energy out, meet new friends, and be play with the pack.

What Is Cage Free Pet Boarding?

Dog boarding is an overnight stay, instead of just a day visit. This gives you some overnight help if you need to go away for a night, or three, or more; and it’s a better alternative to leaving your fur baby at home by himself where he’ll be lonely and miss you lots. At Villa La PAWS, pups enjoy a cage free, homelike setting where they have a blast! During the day, they have plenty of play time; and at night, they sleep wherever they like…not in a cage. We have couches, doggy beds, and elevated sling-type beds for your pooch to choose from. Or they can choose to relax on the cool tile floor if that’s what they like. But don’t worry, if your pup needs to be alone at night, they can sleep in a big crate filled with items from home or in one of our separated rooms. It’s all about their comfort here at Villa La PAWS.

And no matter if they come for the day or stay overnight, you can always peek in on them with our 24/7 live webcams.

What About Dog Training?

We can help with that too! We have a variety of training classes from beginner to advanced and even classes that include Recall Training and Therapy Dog Training.

At Villa La PAWS, we’re truly dedicated to becoming part of your extended family and helping in any area we can. From dog boarding and training, to grooming, daycare, pet transportation, adoption, and more, we’re here for you and your best friend. Choose the location nearest to you and call and let us know how we can help you and your family with your fuzzball!

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