When You’re Away, Fido Can Play!

Dog daycare and boarding are great for puppies and adult dogs alike.

Puppies are like babies, they require that you keep an extra eye on them, take them out for plenty of potty breaks, and they have lots of energy to expel. So who takes care of your fur baby when you are at work or away overnight? Do you leave them home alone only to come home and find they’ve chewed up your favorite pair of shoes or had a few accidents? Do you have a hard time finding someone who can care for them if you need to go out of town or on vacation? Try dog day care. Your pup will get to meet new friends and play all of that energy out. And you won’t have to worry about what messes you will find when you arrive home!

Although adult dogs tend to not be as mischievous as puppies, they usually don’t like being left alone either and they also have a lot of energy to get out. Daycare for dogs can be wonderful for them as well because they will enjoy a social life with other dogs, be able to play and run their energy out, and they’ll never be alone unless they want to be.

If you need help with your fur baby for more than a day, dog boarding is a great solution. They’ll enjoy the same doggy daycare activities and they will get to stay overnight and enjoy a doggy slumber party. Villa La PAWS is a completely cage-free facility so when it’s time to catch some ZZZs, your pup won’t be sleeping in a cage. They’ll be sleeping on a cool tile floor, on the couch (if you approve), on a poofy dog bed, or in an elevated sling-type bed, whatever they choose! But if your dog needs to sleep alone, they can sleep in one of our separated rooms or in a large crate filled with the comforts of home.

We offer an array of pet services including pet grooming, dog daycare, pet sitting, dog boarding and training so anytime your fur kid needs anything, we’re here! Give us a call or stop by the location nearest to you.

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