Happy New Year 2014 Challenge #2

Challenge 2 – New Owner of Paradise Hills Shopping Center (Home of Villa La PAWS Resort & Spa on Shea and our Dog Training Center)

The shopping center was sold in March of 2013 and we met with the new owners soon thereafter.  They definitely wanted the Resort to stay but they had other plans for our 10,000 sq ft Dog Training Center.

They gave us a price to keep it but we would have had to start laundering money for a drug cartel to afford it.  So, on October 1st, 2013 we closed the Dog Training Center and moved training back to its roots in the Villa La PAWS Resort on Shea.

What’s Happened?

We were all very disappointed but we also knew this was always a possibility when we developed that space into our Dog Training Center.  The owner, at that time, would only give us a month-to-month lease knowing that he would be putting the shopping center up for sale at some time in the future.

The new owners have been very considerate and we are in the process of signing a long-term lease with them to keep Villa La PAWS on Shea right where it’s at for along time.

We compete with pet resorts that really look nice and have beautiful new buildings and facilities. Of course we are jealous but as I have always said a “A Beautiful HOUSE doesn’t make it a HOME”.   Nope, exceeding customer expectation by providing a safe, loving and caring environment and always being there to service our customers 24/7 is what we do and that will never change.

But, our new long-term lease comes with some negotiated tenant improvement dollars for us to really beautify and update the resort.  Our plans are to:

    • Install mister systems in the front play yard and waterword in the back
    • Complete new and inviting entrance
    • Signage over the entrance
    • New flooring throughout the resort
    • Specialized rubber flooring in the new Dog Training Room
    • Expand the grooming area
    • New paint throughout the resort
    • New mop sinks in the playrooms
    • New shade covers in front play yard and waterword in the back
    • Outside perimeter fencing modifications
    • Planters/trees along the outside perimeter fences

We anticipate that construction will begin in April and be completed in May.  We will still be open for business as usual as we have instructed the contractors that will need work around US not vice versa.  They also will be working in the evening and on weekends.
We will be posting our progress with pictures and we will post then on Facebook and our website.  In advance, thanks for working with us to have Villa La PAWS on Shea construct its new beautiful HOME!

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