Don’t Buy a Dog, Adopt a Rescue Dog!

When you’re ready to add a furry family member to your loving family, don’t buy one, adopt and rescue a dog. Many puppies and dogs have been neglected and mistreated, and they’re patiently waiting for their forever home. Unfortunately, every single day, puppies and dogs are abandoned and neglected, left to fend for themselves all alone. Villa La PAWS is passionate about helping these innocent babies and we would love for you to join our mission by checking out our pets for adoption and making one part of your forever family.

Every Villa La PAWS resort location allocates space for a certain number of rescued dogs. But we don’t only house them, we socialize them and provide them with behavioral and crate training. And we love them! We make sure they get plenty of hugs and attention and know that they are worthy of love! This is just one of the many ways we stand up against the mistreatment and neglect of animals and there’s a dog just waiting to meet you!

How to Adopt a Rescue Dog

If you want to adopt rescue puppies or check out our rescue dogs for adoption, please come by and visits the pups! You can meet them and hang out with them, and you can also watch them on our webcams to see how they play and interact. Once you find a fur baby that you’re interested in adding to your family, let us know and we will put you in touch with the Rescue Group associated with the puppy or dog that you are interested in.

We’re positive adopting a dog will warm your heart more than buying one, knowing that you gave a home to a dog in need is a feeling that can’t be compared to any other. And trust us, your new doggy will be forever grateful and give you plenty of loyalty and love to show it! Call or come by any of our Villa La PAWS locations to meet our adoptable dogs!

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