Hugging Hearts is What We Do – Part 2


The feature story, “Hugging Hearts is What We Do”, gave a chronicle of the first few days of this orphaned kitten’s life once he was dropped off at Villa La PAWS on Shea.

Big update, it’s a BOY, his name is Chewy (he chews on everything), he is being weaned off bottle feeding and he has his own personal body guard.  Oh and most important, our prediction that Theresa Mcquown, Co-Owner of Villa La PAWS would adopt this baby, totally TRUE.

Chewy now has 2 brothers and 3 sisters in his new family who Theresa had not informed or much less obtained permission from. .Therefore his welcome was a bit disturbing when instead of getting a Welcome Wagon kind of greeting; it consisted mostly of a lot of hissing and cat stares.


The Bodyguard?  Theresa said that out of all her other cats the one that she would have never thought of being “parental” was Squeaker.

Squeaker is one of the young male cats who delights in his self-designated position as the officialBULLY of the entire cat brood.

He lies outside the enclosure that Chewy is in standing watch and when Chewy is out-and-about he is never more than a foot away watching and warning everyone to steer clear.

We all need feel good stories once in a while and we at Villa La PAWS are so fortunate to be able to participate in a few of these stories once in a while

Thank You Theresa.

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