I’m a Carnivore, What did you EXPECT?

Not My Fault! Oh Yeah, Happy Thanksgiving


“OK, nobody was paying attention to me. I saw you take that really great smelling THING out of the oven and you just left it. What did you expect me to do”?

“Then you yelled and I bit Uncle Harry when he grabbed for me, seemed like the thing to do at the time, really my bad. Gosh, I hope the cranberry sauce come out of that carpet”!


“I told you I wanted to go to the Villa and be with MY friends, but NOOOOO, you didn’t have the time. I’m thinking that this is completly on YOU”!

Yes Mom and Dad, Villa La PAWS is open on Thanksgiving, for those pups that would rather spend Thanksgiving with THEIR Friends.

“Oh, yeah, not sure what this “Black Friday” stuff is but if its going to stress you out, just leave me at the Villa and pick me up when your done. That way I’ll be the BEST present you got all day and you will be so happy to see me. See, always thinking about YOU, its what I do”.

Call Today for reservations. Hurry, a lot of friends are signing up!

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