What Is The Difference in Dog Boarding and Pet Sitting?

There are all kinds of services available to assist you with your pet. From grooming, to training, to pet walking, pet boarding, and even pet sitting. Pet parenting is a full-time job and the Villa La PAWS family is here whenever you and your furry friend need us!

What is Pet Sitting?

Pet sitting means someone comes to your house to care for your pet instead of you bringing them to a facility, like a babysitter for a human child but for pets. Maybe you just need them for the day while you’re away or maybe you need overnight pet sitting where someone will stay with your fur kid overnight. Some pet parents prefer that their dog be able to stay in their own home while they are away and this is where overnight dog sitting can be a big help. Instead of your dog staying at a pet boarding facility, someone will come to your home to stay the night and take care of them.

What is Long Term Pet Boarding?

Unlike pet sitting, pet boarding means that your dog stays at a pet lodging facility overnight instead of having someone come sit with them at your house. This is a good option if you’re not comfortable with other people staying in your home or if you want your dog to be able to be around other furry friends and socialize. You can do short term pet boarding if you just need your pet to stay for a night or two or you can choose long term pet boarding if they need a longer stay.

One of the benefits of long term dog boarding versus pet sitting is that your dog will make new friends and have a great social experience. They will get to play with other dogs and partake in daily activities. Villa La PAWS has overnight cage free dog boarding so you never have to worry about your four legged kid being under stress because they are caged. Our facility is completely stress-free and completely cage-free. At night, they have several sleeping options to choose from that include a couch, an elevated sling-type bed, a big comfy dog bed, or the cool tile floor.

Our facility emulates a home-like setting so your pup will feel right at home. And because we care about their behavior just like you do, we reward positive behavior and gently redirect inappropriate behavior so you never have to worry about them picking up bad habits here. Some of our pet parents have even said that their pet has come home with better behavior than they had before staying with us.
Anytime you need pet boarding or pet sitting, choose the Villa La PAWS location that’s closest to you and give us a call. We’ll be happy to help with your fur baby!

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