What Does Luxury Dog Boarding Mean?

Anyone can stamp their dog boarding facility as “luxury” but what does luxury dog boardingreally mean? We think it means: The Freedom to Roam As You Please

luxury dog boardingWe don’t think luxury means cages. We think it means that dogs are allowed to partake in their natural social nature of wanting to be around the pack and interact with both their human friends and their furry friends. We believe if you’re in a cage, you’re not living in the lap of luxury. That’s why our luxury pet care boarding facility is completely cage-free.

The Freedom to Sleep Where You Want

Again, our vision of luxury is not sleeping in a cage. Luxury is getting to choose whether you sleep on a comfy couch, on a cool tile floor, in an elevated sling-type bed, on a poofy stuffed doggy bed, or in your own separate room (that’s of course also cage-free) if you prefer to sleep alone. Some luxury dog boarding kennels give their cages fancy names like “suites” or “cabins” but a cage is a cage, no matter what you call it.

Lots of Extended Family, Both Furry and Not!

Luxury is being treated like family by both furry friends and not-so furry friends. It’s being loved and cared for so much that you choose to adopt those two-legged humans at the luxury dog resort as your Aunts and Uncles!

A Home-Like Environment

Luxury isn’t feeling like you just walked into the veterinarian’s office where you’re not so sure you want to be there. It’s entering a home away from home where the setting is just like a home, inviting you to play and lounge and have fun to your ‘doggone’ heart’s content!

Webcams So Your Mommy and Daddy Can See You Anytime

Luxury is 24/7 Live Action cams in all areas so that your mom and dad can peek in and see you anytime they want. They can check in on you while you’re involved in your activities or look to be sure you’re sleeping comfortably at night.

When it comes to luxury pet resorts, Villa La PAWS is certain we meet the standard. But don’t take our word for it, bring Fido and let them be the judge!

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