What To Look For When Seeking Dog Boarding

If you are trying to find dog boarding, there are a few things to consider. You want to be sure your dog will be comfy, cozy, and well cared for while you are away so ask these questions of your potential dog boarding facility.

Are you cage-free?

Cage free dog daycare

 means a stress-free dog. Cages can be very stressful on your doggie, particularly if they are not used to being caged. A cage-free facility will make your dog feel right at home because they will be free to roam and play as they like. Dogs are social by nature and they don’t like to be caged away from everyone else, they want to be right in the middle of everything!

Do you have webcams?

A facility that has webcams knows how important it is to you that you be able to check in on your baby at any time. It also means they have absolutely nothing to hide and they’re secure that any time you peek in, you’ll be satisfied with what you see.

Where will my dog sleep?

Find out if your dog will be sleeping in a cage, or if they will have the freedom to choose where they want to sleep. Are they able to decide if they want to sleep on a poofy doggy bed, a cozy couch, an elevated sling-type bed, or on a cool tile floor (like here at Villa La PAWS!) or will they be sleeping in a “suite” that’s actually a cage?

If the environment is cage-free so that your dog can enjoy the company of the pack but your pet prefers to sleep alone, do they have a separate room that’s still cage-free that your dog can sleep in?

Is there somebody on-site 24/7?

Find out if your dog will EVER be left alone in the building.  What security precautions are taken for fire, flood, etc., and what evacuations plans are there.

Is the boarding environment a home-like environment or a vet-like environment?

Dogs appreciate a facility that is set up like a home environment much more than a place that feels like the vet’s office. A home-like environment is much more warm and inviting while a vet-like environment probably makes poochie want to go home!

Are there Emergency Procedures In-Place?

What precautions are taken and procedures implemented in case of a fire, flood, storms, and utility outages?  What is your evacuation plan?

Whether you’re looking for small dog boarding or large dog boarding, Villa La PAWS welcomes them! Our cage-free, stress-free facility brings new meaning to luxury boarding.

Your dog can choose where he sleeps, sleep alone if he prefers, and enjoy our home away from home environment. We have webcams so you can check in on your fur baby anytime you’d like and we make sure your four legged child gets plenty of stimulation and love. Bring them once and we’re certain they’ll be asking you to bring them back to our dog boarding resort time and time again!

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