Stress Free Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding Experience

When you need dog daycare or pet boarding, you’re probably looking for the most stress-free experience for your pup. And you may be wondering exactly what you should be looking for to ensure that experience. At Villa La PAWS, we have perfected the art of stress free dogs daycare and boarding so here’s what we have found that keeps your dog happy and stress-free.

One of the first elements is a homelike environment. Dogs love to be home so when they need a place to stay for the day, for a night, or even for a week or more, they want to be in an atmosphere that’s just as inviting as home. They’ll be most happy at a place that looks and feels like home, including couches and outside play areas.

Another thing to look for when you’re trying to find stress free dog boarding is place that is completely cage free. Dogs are pack animals so they’re naturally social and they thrive in a social setting while they become stressed and depressed when they are caged and separated from the other pets and people that are around.Stress free overnight pet boarding is essential to your dog’s mental and emotional health so if you see cages or are told your dog will be in a cage at some point during their stay, you should turn around and go the other way because a cage equates to stress.

daycare for dogs that is stress free will feel happy and calm when you enter. You generally won’t hear barking dogs everywhere (which is often common for facilities that have rows of cages with dogs in them) and you’ll see staff interacting with the pups as if they were their own. Staff members will be supervising and playing with the dogs, rewarding their good behavior, gently correcting any bad behavior and be leading the pack in a positive way. Both you and your dog will be able to feel the positive energy and your dog may be ready to jump right in and play! Of course some dogs naturally take a little longer to check things out and be ready to interact with everyone but at a truly stress-free daycare, before you know it they will be ready to join the pack of extended family at the facility.

If you need stress free small dog boarding or large dog boarding, we invite you and your fur baby to check out Villa La PAWS.

Our first priority is ensuring that pets are stress free so you’ll never see a cage here, you’ll enter an environment that emulates a homelike setting, and you’ll see wagging tails and happy staff members all around.

In addition to no stress pet boarding that’s cage free, we make sure mom and dad aren’t stressed about their fur babies while away with our round-the-clock live action cams. You can view our webcams online anytime you like so that you can see your dog enjoying their stress-free day and having a ball!


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