Summer Storms and Keeping Your Pet Safe

Well the Arizona monsoon season will soon be upon us, high winds, pelting rain and lots of lightning and thunder.


Even the bravest of dogs like our Hank Jr. (pictured above) who would attack an 8 foot tall, 300 lb burglar’s ankles with reckless abandon will run down the hall, hide under a bed and whimper like a baby during one of these Arizona phenomenon’s.

Hank Jr. spends most of his time inside the house and has his “safe place” to ride out the storms but relies on his human companions to comfort him and get him through the trauma.  There have been a few times where we weren’t home when the storm hit and we arrived home only to find a furry maniac staring at us while paw-dialing the ASPCA.

This is and can be a serious and stressful time for pets.  The day after a storm is a lot like the day after the 4th of July. Heartbroken parents call our resorts asking whether we have heard of any pets being found or one of our kind hearted customers informing us that they found a very scared stray.  Sometimes there are happy endings but sad to say many of the anticipated joyful reunions don’t happen.

Dogs and cats that are outside during a monsoon storm will do anything to get away from it which means they try to outrun it.  Over, under or through a fence is not uncommon and they seem to have supernatural strengths and jumping ability when panicked.

If you’re not at home and your pet is outside, have a pet storm plan. A neighbor or close relative will take the pet into their home and stay with them until you arrive home or the storm has passed.

If you have them in an empty house to fend for themselves, you too may find your loving pet paw-dialing the ASPCA!

Have a great and safe summer.

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