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I have sent our emails alerts out to all of the Pet Services businesses that I know and respect but there are many more that I am not aware of.  I need our customers and social media friends to forward this Blog’s link to other Arizona Based Pet Service companies that you may be aware of to alert them about this needed pending Arizona legislation.

This Blog’s intent is to solicit and disseminate information regarding the pending Arizona State legislation that is being drafted and developed to standards and licensing requirements that will govern the Pet Care Industry in Arizona, specifically those that perform boarding and/or daycare services. .

The purpose of this blog is to also collect contact information from Arizona based pet care businesses that want to be kept informed on this legislation and also have the opportunity to participate in Stake-Holder-Meetings and be able to review proposed drafts of legislation.

This will be all encompassing legislation that will include any business or person that delivers pet boarding and/or daycare services for a fee.

The Catalyst:

The Green Acres boarding tragedy in Gilbert will has awakened the sleeping giant, the pet parents that use commercial boarding and daycare services.

The public outcry over this tragic event, and it is justified, has prompted local Law organizations, politicians and civic leaders to being lobby the State Legislature for the creation of regulatory standards for our industry.

Trusting someone with a pet’s life is one of the highest forms of trust someone can give and we as an industry cannot take lightly. Therefore, we feel that it is our duty as a part of the pet service industry to educate our community and help create a set of industry standards that will prevent future tragedies such as this.

First and foremost it is a sad truth that the pet service industry, our industry, is unregulated when it comes to the safety and health of the animals left in someone’s care. Any person can open a pet services business without having to meet a set standard of credentials, licensing, or training. This lack of a barrier to entry into the industry, besides zoning and special-use permits, is something many take advantage of, opening unsafe facilities for monetary gain with little regard for the safety of the animals.

Last week I reached out to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Phoenix Councilwoman Thelda Williams, both with long established track records of promoting and enforcing Animal Welfare legislation.

I voiced my concern to them about this tragic event becoming a political football especially with the upcoming elections and politicians making promises with little or very little knowledge of our industry that could have far reaching impacts that need to be considered.

They both agreed and informed me that they are already in the preliminary stages of performing due-diligence gathering and are collecting current legislation from other states that have passed laws and regulations governing the boarding and daycare business.  They have developed an internal task force with representatives from law enforcement, the state legislature and local city officials.

PetsMart and Petco have pledged support in this fact finding stage to gain a national perspective on regulations that they must adhere to in different states.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and  Mirayam Gutier-Elm, MCSO Community/Government Relations contacted me and requested my support in identifying Arizona Small Businesses that deliver pet boarding and/or daycare services.  Then further identify those that are interested in assisting in providing input to the task force for the future draft legislation as it moves forward to becoming law.

The Maricopa Sheriff’s Department is the driving force behind this initiative but this will become an Arizona State Law with statues that all Arizona based pet care companies must adhere to.  Who the enforcement entity for these new laws will be determined in future task force meetings.

For every pet care services business in the State of Arizona this is a real game changer and a necessary one.

Who could be affected? Any business that advertises and/or receives a fee for pet boarding and daycare services.  This will include all brick/mortar pet care facilities, all pet sitting companies (in-home & scheduled visits), all  home-based pet care businesses, veterinarian’s that offer boarding and/or daycare services, etc.  This new legislation can and needs to be all encompassing.

As much as I dislike government interference in my business, the lack of governance in our industry has damaged the credibility of all of us in light of the tragedy in Gilbert.  It’s long overdue and as an industry we have to regain the consumer trust by assisting in supporting these new laws and standards.

If you want to be kept up-to-date on this information, please subscribe to the Arizona Pet Care Legislation Blog Category. As we receive any updates from the task force about stake-holder meetings, information available for review etc., it will be posted here and everyone that has subscribed to this blog topic will be informed.

If we really care about the animals and understand what a huge responsibility this is, we as an industry are mandated to help create and support standards of excellence that will protect the safety and health of the animals and have the trust of the consumer.

The protection of our customer’s pets is our highest priority and the enforcement of appropriate consequences for anyone who violates these new state laws is essential.

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