Villa la PAWS on Shea Construction Project – Update


She has our understanding.  Patience they say is a virtue.  Ok then, we are running a little short on virtue at the Shea resort!  Our construction project of renovating the Villa la PAWS on Shea resort has run into some delays mostly involving the new flooring being installed.

They promise to have this resolved the first week of June, we’ll see!

Our cool, calm and easy going demeanor has almost dissipated, but there has been been a major enhancement that has been accomplished!

Our New Outdoor Mister System is up and running.  Both playards on the North and Waterworld in the rear of the resort are now fully engulfed with cool, refreshing breezes.  The temperature in those areas is 25 degrees cooler than the other outside air.


This allows our dog guests to spend more time outside, which they really enjoy, and also be very comfortable in the Arizona summer.

On top all of the issues were having with our own general contractor, the entire shopping center is getting NEW roofing.  They have saved our portion of the shopping center to be the last.  We have met with the roofing contractor and they are great and will work off hours and days as not to disrupt our business as much as possible, really nice folks.

Thank you everyone for bearing with us during these interruptions.

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