Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there any financing available?

A. Not directly through Villa La PAWS. However we are happy to guide you through third party financing with one of our partners.

Q. How long does it take to get started?

A. The beauty of it is you are in control! We understand finding financing and the right location is one of the most important steps and can be time consuming. We want you to take your time to find the best fit for you. After your lease is set up through our real estate department you should be able to set your Villa La PAWS facility up in roughly 90 days.

Q. What requirements do I have to adhere to when I create my Villa La PAWS facility?

A. The Villa La PAWS management team and the training manuals will introduce a standard of themes, concepts and styles that can be implemented. The great aspect of our franchise is that we give you only a template so you can really unleash your own creativity. Given our parameters of having suitable indoor/outdoor space, the applications are as open as your imagination. On the tour we show you just some of the variations utilizing the consistency of brand, look and feel, while allowing for the individuality of the market and owner to come out and truly make it their own.

Q. Do I purchase my equipment from Villa La PAWS?

A. We have an approved list of suppliers for the mandatory equipment. We have a preferred supplier list for other necessary equipment and supplies with savings negotiated by the Villa La PAWS franchising network.

Q. How is Villa La PAWS Resort & Spa different from other independents, chains, or franchises?

A. We are the only national franchise that fosters a stress-free environment through cage-free boarding, webcams, and 24/7 onsite staff that provide mental, physical, and emotional stimulation for the animals. Our focus is 100 percent on offering the best pet care service possible without charging hidden fees. There’s no extra administrative costs, or charges for special needs. We’re all about the pet and their parents!

Q. Do you have any cages at Villa La PAWS?

A. We do have drying cages in the grooming area so we can get the wiggly ones dry, otherwise the facility cage-free. We do also have large crates in our “Special Care” room for those guests that have been crate trained and finds comfort and solace in a crate when they sleep. We will put them in a crate in the evening along with their prized possessions, blanket, toys, etc. It’s all about the pet.

Q. What other pet services/amenities can I offer at my Villa La PAWS Resort?

A. We have developed programs for services including in-home pet sitting, PAWS limousine service, dog training, dog massage and retail merchandising. Some of our newest franchises are also adding suite boarding amenities to their cage-free offerings as well.

To learn about our various franchise offerings contact Villa La PAWS at 888-855-7833 (RUFF) Option 7
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