Dog of the Month - 2013 May : PEPPER

Month: May

Year: 2013

Pepper is a sweet black lab girl. She comes to daycare with spunk and enthusiasm. At first Pepper was a little shy and reluctant to flow with the Group. Counselors tried putting her vest on her during the day and discovered that it is her security blanket. Now Pepper is easy to identify on the Webcams – she’s the pretty girl in the stylish red vest!

Pepper loves to play, but also loves to get her share of loves and hugs from her Counselors. She’s always polite and waits for her turn. As much as she enjoys her daycare day, she is a ball of fire when it comes to going home. She waits politely for her go-home clothes to be put on, she waits patiently at the exit for the escort to brace themselves and then she bolts like she was shot out of cannon to go see her parents. Once the greeting is complete, she once again turns into Polite Pepper and waits for her treat.

Pepper is a favorite among the staff for her even temperament and loving personality! She’s a pleasure to have at Villa La Paws!