Dog of the Month - 2013 February : ROCKY

Month: February

Year: 2013

February is the month for love, and we picked one of our biggest love bugs to be our February Dog of the Month.

Rocky is a mature little mix breed who loves to come to daycare and hang out with the bigger dogs. The big dogs are appropriately intimidated by Rocky and listen carefullly to him. He likes to order the youngun’s around and make them behave. He chooses when he wants to play and who he wants to play with. His choices often confound his Counselor’s.

He does love odd couple arrangements! He loves to sun himself outside and you can watch him close his eyes and bask in the warmth. Inside he seems quiet but he always watches everything going on. For being one of our very favorite little Love Bugs we are happy to have Rocky join our growing DOM wall of fame!