Dog of the Month - 2013 January : MOLLY and JESSE

Month: January

Year: 2013

Now that the days have turned cool, we can think of nothing better to snuggle up with than these two big cuddly bear sisters. Molly and Jessie Michaeals. Molly and Jessie are pretty, young Bernese Mountain Dogs. They are huge and have even larger loving hearts.

They are not particularly nimble on their feet but it amuses counselors to watch their lumbering play. They are always good natured and like to join in all the playtime activities. When it’s time to watch TV they nudge their Counselors hand to make sure they get their fair share of attention.

They are the 3rd generation of Bernese for the Michaeals family. They had two other ones that they got as young adults. This time around they decided to try a puppy and when they went to get one they ended up with two of them. Depending on the week, they are either Double Trouble or Double Delightful. Their family has worked with them through training and follow through to assure that the girls have impeccable manners. This is appeciated by the Staff at Bell/

We look forward to many years of fun and play with our big bear girls. They are terrific twins and a favorite of all!