Dog of the Month - 2013 March : SNOOPY

Month: March

Year: 2013

Snoopy is a gorgeous Cattle Dog Mix who attends Daycare daily.

He started his life as a ranch dog but when his Mom saw that he was being mistreated, she insisted on taking ownership of the shy black and white dog. Good thing for Snoopy. blossomed into a confident young man.

Snoopy loves coming to Daycare. He woo woos for each new Counselor that comes into the group. He has true Cattle Dog herding instincts that need to be curbed when dogs are playing. Now when Snoopy is feeling the urge to seize control of playing dogs he moves over to the nearest Counselor to let them help him with his urges.

He is extremely smart and figures out new dogs very quickly. His Counselors need to be on their toes to keep ahead of this guy. Everyone enjoys interacting with this happy and fun pup!