The Team


Madison is a Customer Service Rep and Canine Counselor at Villa La PAWS Shea. Her favorite part about working with animals is the fact that they have an unconditional love that is unlike anything else! She has three dogs, a Lab/Rottie mix, named Jack, a Pittie mix named Delilah, and a Rottie mix named Jameson. Oh and we can’t forget her two cats, Spooky and Stud. Madison said one of the best parts about working at Villa La PAWS are the amazing customers. “They’re always so friendly and caring. They share their fur kids with us, and that to me makes my day every day!”


Jayne Haines is the head honcho bather and a groomer at Villa La PAWS Shea. She ensures everything runs smoothly and gets to groom dogs all day (which she refers to as a bonus!). Jayne has seven dogs from Chihuahuas to poodles and a Saint Bernard. “Dogs to me are just so much more loveable than people! They are such incredible creatures and I love being around them.” Her favorite thing about working at Villa La PAWS is the relaxed atmosphere. “If the people are relaxed, the dogs are relaxed. Plus the owners are fantastic people to work for!”


Michaela is a Groomer at Villa La PAWS Shea, where she has been for 8 years. She has three dogs – two 2 Wheaten Terriers and a Wired Fox Terrier. She also has a salt-water fish tank crawling with sea creatures. Michaela’s favorite part about working with animals is how happy they are when they see you. “It totally makes me smile!” She said working at Villa La PAWS is like being a part of a family. “It is such a comfortable environment to work in and I always know people are there for me. The owners Tom & Theresa have such big hearts. I know they would literally give me the shirts off their backs.”


Jonte is a bather and a groomer at Villa La PAWS Shea. She has always had a passion for animals, and has six dogs – four terriers, one Chihuahua and a German Shepard mix. She also has six parakeets. Jonte’s favorite part about working at Villa La PAWS Shea is coming in to work and seeing all the wagging tails and hairy faces that are happy to be here and happy to see her. She also enjoys the company of her friendly co-workers…cant forget about the humans!